Scented Seasons – Four Seasons Melt Boxes

With our Four Seasons melt boxes we will send you a surprise selection of our fragrances that will remind you of each of the seasons whatever the time of year or if you wish our Four Seasons box will give you all four.

The boxes are designed to fit through a standard letterbox and will include 36 of our 6g heart melts in 6 different fragrances with each one lasting approx 4 hours.

We will include a selection of our wax melts from the website with the chance to try new fragrances first in the melt boxes.

Scented Seasons – Four Seasons Melt Boxes

  • We use fragrances inspired by the seasons that will fill your home with beautiful aromas all year round.

    Choose from our range of Scented Seasons Wax Melts or try a selection of our favourite fragrances in our Scented Seasons Wax Melts Letterbox Collection

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  • Please click this link to our Candle Care page for tips on how to use Melt Warmers and Scented Wax Melts